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RAS (Surface Antartic Robot) able to making a series of task




RAS (Surface Antartic Robot)

Goal: Realization of a mobile robot, able to moving itself in autonomous modality, or by mean teleoperation, on the antarctic ground and able to making a series of tasks like support to the scientific activities or logistics, that include:

- manipulation ability (Mascot teleoperator),

- ability to explore the land (GPR),

- ability to find obstacles and mission goals (artificial vision)

- ability to self-localization (GPS, smart positioning system, etc)

The research activity, which the facility will come gradually dedicated, are:

- meteorite search encapsulated in the plateau

- development of independent tasks of logistics, for example the preparation of the tracks of landing for the airplanes

- support activity to SARA antarctic robot submarine

Project duration: 8 years

Reference framework: PNRA

Partners: ENEA Fiat Spazio Oto Melara Telerobot D’appolonia DUNE Università di Genova Università di Pavia Università di Roma III Università di Parma

---->Documentation of some phases

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