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An accurate definition of Robotics is fairly difficult, since it is a very multi faceted field of study which encompasses a wide range of diverse disciplines and subjects. In order to realise a robot we need mechanics electronics, computer science, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, psychology, logics, mathematics, biology, physiology, linguistics and, in a more indirect way, philosophy, ethics, art and design.

A definition of Robotics is that of Brady: “Robotics is the intelligent connection between perception and action”. In other words a robot is something that reacts in an intelligent way to a sensorial sketch of the environment, naturally with a given purpose. It is a very “fuzzy” definition which almost includes the electric toaster, but it conveys the great generality of the idea of robot.

“I don’t know what a robot is, but I can tell when I see one” Joseph E. Engelberger, President of Unimation Inc.

It is interesting to remark here that there is a very large overlapping between robotics and many consumer and professional electronic equipments. Many products possess a high rate of intelligence(microprocessors, memories) and implement actual embedded intelligent systems. This means that the “artificial” intelligence has already become quite pervasive and that our future will be characterised by an ever increasing integration of different intelligent appliances into a fully intelligent environment, where robots will probably represent the “natural” interface of the intelligent environment with the human beings.


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