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Aerial, land and submarine robotics

Aerial , land and submarine robotics

The activities concern intelligent autonomous systems capable of moving in the environment, interacting with it, with multiple applications: service robotics (home automation, care of the elderly and the disabled, entertainment and education); space robotics; surveillance and security robotics; environmental monitoring robotics.

With the aim of acquiring the knowledge and tools for the construction of autonomous mobile systems, the main research and development activities focus on:

  • theory and applications of control systems;
  • study of kinematics, dynamics, perturbed systems, predictive filters (eg Kalman) necessary for autonomous or remote controlled driving of land, air and submarine vehicles;
  • development of high-level controls (avoidance of obstacles, re-planning of trajectories);
  • development of artificial intelligence systems for planning and carrying out complex missions, for reacting to unplanned situations, for modeling the environment based on the integration of heterogeneous multi-sensory data;
  • development of artificial vision systems for vehicle driving and sensory perception.

The research projects related to this area are:

  • RAS (Surface Antartic Robot),
  • SARA (Antarctic Robotic Autonomous Submarine),
  • PRASSI (Autonomous Robotics Platform for Emergency and Surveillance of Systems),
  • SAM (Mediterranean Autonomous Submarine).