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3D reconstruction and thermography

In questa foto si vede una ricostruzione 3D di un edificio

3D reconstruction and thermography

In the framework of the Research for the Electric System (Ricerca di Sistema Elettrico) Project, the Lab has developed an aerial system based on a quadricopter which may be equipped with two different sensors: a visual and thermo camera and a chemical monitoring system for the air pollutants.

The visual camera

The use of the sequence of images of a building from above and of a structure-from-motion software enables the possibility to obtain a 3D model of the building for its analysis in terms of repairs needed and general state.

The thermal camera

Ricostruzione termica dell'edificio F65
Edificio F-65 – Ricostruzione termica

If the drone is equipped with a thermal camera, in a similar way, it is possible to build a 3D thermographical model of the building, greatly helping in the assessment of energetic leaks from the structure.

Chemical measurements of air pollution

The drone may be equipped with a light and small monitoring system able to measure several chemicals and particulate matter. The use on board a drone may be of great help if assessing air quality in large towns or whenever there is an unexpected event such as large fires due to illegal actions or drought.

Payload chimico
Distribuzione del particolato pm10 nella zona della casaccia
Il particolato (PM10) registrato e il suo livellamento. nella parte alta le conseguenze di un falò nella vicina fattoria